3 tips to increase the battery life of an electric car
August 3, 2021
3 tips to increase the battery life of an electric car

Investing in sustainable mobility and the electrification of transport is essential to face climate change in order to protect the planet. Electric cars have been gaining more and more strength in the automotive industry, and will eventually replace the fuel-burning ones in the medium term. For this to happen, it is essential that electric batteries are improved in terms of development and disposal, to ensure that they are even more durable, ecological and efficient.

The battery of an electric car is a vital part of its operation, since the autonomy, durability and even the safety of the car depend, fundamentally, on this component. 

Unlike the combustion car battery, which is easily replaced and in most cases has a relatively low cost, an electric car battery is expensive and requires specialized labour. 

Normally this is not a problem, since the brands offer higher guarantees for the batteries than for the rest of the car. However, it is best to take some care in preserving them.

Keep the charge between 40% and 80%.

Ideally, the batteries should always be charged between 40% and 80% of their capacity. Experts say that charging below and above these values reduces the useful life of batteries, so it is recommended to maintain intermediate charge levels.

Switching off and cooling the car before charging

It is also important not to start the car when it is hot. Once disconnected, you should only connect the car to the mains after the various components, especially those that make up the battery, have cooled down.

Use safe charging stations

For a longer battery life, it’ s essential to use charging stations that have all the necessary protections for the electric vehicle. Avoid fast charging stations, as these will shorten the battery life if used frequently.

Now that you understand a little more about batteries and electric cars, please contact us if you would like a charging solution. We will be available to assess your specific case.

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