Environmental Fund: What incentives for 2022?
March 31, 2022

The environmental fund, promoted by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Action, has 10 million euros to support electric mobility. It also introduces incentives for the acquisition of electric chargers in condominiums.

Good news for electric mobility in Portugal: the Government approved the Regulation on the Allocation for the Introduction of Zero Emission Vehicles in the Year 2022. This means renewed support for the purchase of 100% electric vehicles and also includes a sum for chargers in condominiums.

Light Electric Vehicles

In 2022 the environmental fund will have a support of 4 thousand Euros, for individuals, for the purchase of a new 100% electric light vehicle.

For new 100% electric light goods vehicles, the value of the support remains at 6 thousand euros per vehicle.

Chargers for electric vehicles in condominiums

The great news of the programme financed by the Environmental Fund is the incentive to the acquisition of chargers for electric vehicles in condominiums, which has an allocation of 500 thousand euros and 270 incentives to be distributed.

The support available is 80% per parking space (with a maximum of 800 euros per space) for the purchase of a charger with connection to Mobi.e, to which 80% can be added for electrical installation (with a maximum of 1,000 euros per space).

Applications may be submitted in buildings under horizontal property system in three different ways (individual dweller in condominium; groups of condominium dwellers and administration).

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